About IDEA – ‘Identification and Interventions for Dementia in Elderly Africans’

The IDEA study – ‘for a solution to dementia for Africa’.

In every part of the world, people are living for longer. In sub-Saharan Africa, this change is happening faster than in almost any other part of the world. Diseases of old age, such as dementia are becoming much more common, with more than two million people currently affected. Dementia is a distressing and poorly understood condition, which affects not only sufferers, but the families who care for them. At present, health resources for dementia are simply not available across most of Africa.

The IDEA project is dedicated to improving care for people with dementia and their families across sub-Saharan Africa. We are a collaboration between the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Tumaini University in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania and Newcastle University in the UK. Our main objectives are development of high quality tools to assist healthcare professionals in accurate identification of dementia, and development of low-cost high impact interventions for dementia. Our goal is to scale-up use of these tools and interventions across sub-Saharan Africa.
IDEA is funded by Grand Challenges Canada as part of their Grand Challenges in Mental Health programme.

On this website we have training resources and information about our project and about dementia for health professionals, people with dementia and their carers, and the public.

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